April 15 - 28, 2002
Workshops in Bamako
Bamako is not a city like Dakar and Abidjan. It is an agglomerate of numerous villages and ethnic groups.
One week of workshops including:
  • Daily drumming and/or dance classes all taught by Malian master drummers and dancers. You can learn two methods of teachings, either the traditional way or the Ballet.
  • Cultural and traditional history lessons.
  • Optional classes which include drum- making, African cooking, traditional crafts, hair braiding and various West African languages.
  • Invitations to traditional ceremonies and festivals with participatory drumming and dancing







Feedback from participants.

Dogon Country!
At last your dreams will come true to learn about and visit the legendary cities of Mali, West Africa. Your journey begins in Bamako, the Capital city of Mali, with our final destination to Dogon Country. It is an exciting Healing Drum Tour into the magnificent lands of Mali via ground transportation.
Tour Sites                                                                
  • Ségou, the capital of the Bambara people.
  • Bla, a multi-ethnic village of Mali in Minianka territory.
  • San, the capital of Bobo country in Mali.
  • Mopti, the Venice of Mali. It is the meeting point of Dogons, Peulhs and othe ethnic groups.
  • At last, Bandiagara, the entrance into the amazing Dogon Country.

Banani, Dogon Country